Stretching and Injury Recovery β€” Sylvia ~ Dancer

Hi everyone! Sylvia generously invited me to collaborate here about the role of stretching in recovery. As some of you may have seen from my blog here or my Instagram, I broke my foot in modern class earlier this year. We were doing a move across the floor, and I landed on the outside ofΒ […] … Continue reading Stretching and Injury Recovery β€” Sylvia ~ Dancer


My First 10 Miler

Well, I did it! I survived! I ran the Virginia Ten Miler for the first time on Saturday. I have to say I'm really proud of myself. I only began to start running again after my fracture in mid May, and I actually began to start training for this 9 weeks before the race. My … Continue reading My First 10 Miler

Operation 10 Miler-Weeks 8, 9, and Here We Go!!!

Alright guys, here's my final update before The Virginia 10 Miler on Saturday. Aghhh! I'm getting nervous and excited and all the emotions. Here's my recap from last week: Week 8 (September 16th-22nd): Sunday--Lift at the gym. Normally, Sunday is my rest day, but since I was so dead on Saturday from the long run … Continue reading Operation 10 Miler-Weeks 8, 9, and Here We Go!!!

Operation 10 Miler-Week 6.

Hey, readers! Thanks for sticking around for my *super exciting* (haha not really) updates in preparation for my first 10 Miler. Week 6 (September 2nd-8th): Sunday--Rest. Monday--2 mile recovery run. Tuesday--Dance classes started up! 1 hour jazz, 90 minutes ballet, and 45 minutes of pointe. Whew! Wednesday--2.5 mile recovery run. Thursday--Morning lift. Then, after work, … Continue reading Operation 10 Miler-Week 6.

Operation 10 Miler-Week 3.

Happy hump dayyyy! Here is my running update for week 3 of operation 10 miler training. Sunday--Rest. Monday--3 mile recovery run. Tuesday--15 minute benchmark run. 1.25 miles. Wednesday--Morning lift. Thursday--4.75 mile run. This was my first official "long run." It was scheduled for Friday but I knew I'd be going out of town after work … Continue reading Operation 10 Miler-Week 3.