via Daily Prompt: Treat 

Yesterday was a good day at my parents’ house. It seems rare for me to say that. Normally, I leave there more depressed than I was when I arrived. And/or in tears from being upset with my parents. Mom and I were supposed to go to town to do some shopping; that’s why I stayed the night. But after breakfast, Mom got an awful nose bleed. It lasted over an hour. We opted to go to town another day. And this turned out to be a treat.

I got down all the Christmas decorations with the exception of the outdoor lights. I’ll wait for the temps to warm up a bit before I do that (it’s been single digits/teens for days). And I normally dislike taking down Christmas stuff. But I didn’t mind it yesterday. I like keeping busy at my parents’. Mom played her new Andrea Bocelli cd I got her for Christmas, the dogs were all playing and behaving, and we laughed together while reminiscing on the old, handmade ornaments we took off the tree. I learned that one of the figurines for our little nativity scene is actually a European explorer offering a gift to the natives. We had always treated him as a wise man. We laughed some more. These are the moments I love.

Maybe the air felt so relaxed and peaceful because my dad was out running errands all day.

The pipes were frozen in the kitchen, so we had to get water from the bathroom across the house. I didn’t mind. We had soup and grilled cheeses on disposable plates/cups. Then, we had coconut cake and eggnog. I wanted a nap after that!

Mom’s brother was her best friend. She is lonely and missing him terribly. We all are. I am trying my best to be there for her. Visit more, call her more. I too often let my crazy, busy schedule get in the way. I am going to try and do better. I need to step up.

Because as much as I hate to think about it, she won’t be around forever.


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