Better late than never?

via Daily Prompt: Funnel 

It’s been almost a week into the new year and I’ve finally gotten myself together, for the most part. I have bought myself a planner. I already was using one for work, but I was due to buy a new one for 2018. I made sure the one I purchased had more room for goals and notes. I am going to hold myself more accountable.

I know I said I hate lists in a previous post. So this way, I am gradually overcoming that by funneling my plans into an organized calendar.

I prefer goals over resolutions. My primary 2018 goals:

  1. Pay off my credit card
  2. Run 120 miles
  3. Read and FINISH a book
  4. Practice pointe at home once per week

I have some others, but those are the main ones. I’ve already made progress, too! I’ve run 2 miles, almost finished the first chapter of Life in Motion, and practiced pointe twice. Dance classes start back up this week, so that will be when the challenge really starts.

Consistency is key.

I’ll try to update as the weeks go by. It’ll help me stay accountable.


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