I almost went 26 years without breaking anything. Happy early birthday to me.

I broke my foot during modern class Thursday night. We were practicing a move across the floor and I landed wrong. Heard the pop as I crumpled to the floor. Specifically, we chassé to the side and then spring up and put our feet together while spinning in the air. I landed on the side of my left foot. I had done it fine for multiple times but I guess I had too much momentum/spin on this one.

I was immediately flooded with emotions as I hit the floor. Oh no. Please no. That didn’t sound good. Everyone rushed over: “Did you break it?” “Can you walk?” I just sat there stunned, cradling my foot. I could barely walk. I hobbled over to the front of the studio and sat down. My teacher brought me an ice pack. I watched the remaining 15 minutes of class, trying to hold back tears. I didn’t want anyone to see me cry.

My good friend, Ashton, saw me through the observation window. She had fractured her metatarsal in her pinky toe, a little further up than me, last October. She had landed wrong while doing a leap in class. I saw her worriedly looking at me as I was sitting on the floor. I couldn’t look at her. I couldn’t look at anyone.

She asked me if I was okay when I got out of class. I told her I wasn’t sure. I just needed to go to the bathroom. I started sobbing as soon as I got in there. What a day to not wear waterproof make up. I cleaned myself up and talked to my ballet teacher. She said it didn’t look good. I said that I can still wiggle my toes, so that’s good, right? Ashton said that she could still move hers, too, when her fracture happened. I was supposed to have ballet class in 30 minutes. I asked my teacher if I could just go home and ice and elevate it. She said that’s a good idea. And get it checked out the next day. She said we aren’t starting spring recital choreography until next week, so I’m not really missing anything. I half put on my boot so I could get to my car. My foot was really swollen. I took it off as soon as I got in. Luckily, it wasn’t my driving foot.

I got home and my boyfriend carried me inside from my car. I couldn’t wear any of my shoes. Went to the doctor on Friday and got the X-ray. Right when the technician told me that it’s broken, I had to fight back tears. My fears had come true. He said that luckily, it doesn’t look too out of line. He could also tell that I was in motion when it happened because the break is almost in a spiral. I was put in a temporary boot and given crutches and they referred me to ortho for that afternoon. My parents insisted on going with me (my boyfriend had to work). I could only see a PA since it was a walk-in basis, but he was very nice and helpful. He told me that I don’t need surgery. Thank goodness. And it will take 6-8 weeks to heal. He said I should use the crutches for a few days, but then he wants me to start bearing weight on it. I was put in a bigger boot.

I am heartbroken. I will still go to my classes but just to watch. I will not miss out on choreography. Recital is in May….I have hopes that if I heal properly, I can still dance in the show. I probably will have to cancel my private pointe classes though. Obviously I can’t sit in on those since I’m the only one taking them.

It’s bruised up pretty bad but I THINK the swelling is starting to go down today. I’m not sleeping too well. I have to wear the boot at all times except when I shower. The pain comes in waves.

My coworkers and boss have been very sweet. I obviously didn’t go in to work Friday. I will go tomorrow. They will help me figure out propping up my foot at my desk.

My head is just spinning still. I feel like I’m in a bad dream. It doesn’t feel real.

I go back for a follow-up appointment at ortho in about 2 weeks.


15 thoughts on “Broken.

  1. I just found your blog through Another Night At The Barre. I’m so sorry. 😦 I have two injuries right now. My left ankle, I injured in December. It’s still healing but getting better. The right foot, I did SOMETHING to while teaching dance a few weeks ago. I thought I injured my heel (i’ve bruised it before and it sort of feels similar) but my achilles is tight and painful when I’ve been sitting a bit. Dance injuries really suck because they keep us from doing what we love! I hope you heel quickly.


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    1. Thank you!! It’s the most frustrating thing ever. Everyone says that breaks are better than sprains healing-wise, but I disagree at this point. I sprained my back and an ankle last fall and those didn’t seem to take very long to get better. But they must have been minor sprains. Every injury is different. I’m so sorry for what you’re dealing with. 😦 I hope you improve soon! It seems time just stands still when we are hindered from dancing.


  2. I also just got here from Another Night At The Barre. *waves*
    I wish you a quick recovery! I’ve been in casts and braces before for various injuries and it sucks, but in retrospect, it’s always over quickly. Six weeks might seem like forever right now, but in a few months, you’ll barely remember about it.

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